Create Your Future: A Memoir by Jack Healey

Create Your Future: A Memoir by Jack Healey


2015 | 236 Pages | 6″ x 9″

Create Your Future tells how a kid from Pittsburgh named Jack Healey inspired musicians, artists, young and old, rich and poor, to make their voices thunder for those who have been silenced by oppression and tyranny. In his twenties, after leaving the seminary, Jack stepped onto the front line with Dick Gregory, Muhammad Ali, John Lewis and Chris Hani, among others, to tackle real issues like hunger and civil rights. With his soul stirred for action, Jack joined the trenches as director of the Peace Corps in Lesotho, Southern Africa, and then became director of Amnesty International USA. Recognizing that music is a universal language, he inspired rock ‘n roll stars to tour the world and raise consciousness about human rights. Passionate and tireless, Jack’s work was only beginning. In 1994 he founded the Human Rights Action Center where he has kept a youthful glow on his love of human rights standards and has done magical events with his drive. Jack believes that creating your future is not just a possibility—it is a responsibility; one that we owe ourselves, our family, our community and our world.

Cover art by Shepard Fairey

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