In The Wake of Sydney Jack by Thom Thinn

In The Wake of Sydney Jack by Thom Thinn


2015 | 252 Pages | 5.5″ x 8.5″

Edition of 250 | Softcover

Remaining copies signed by the author!

In the Wake of Sidney Jack is the pseudo-memoir of Tommy Two-Goat, a modern day swashbuckler. Following the scent of destiny’s parade, Tommy hop-scotches his way through heavy relationships, impossible situations and remote locations. Meanwhile, he conspires to keep the thread of reality from breaking under the dead weight of his mentor, Sidney Jack: Hollywood production designer and stubborn genius fool, wasting his talent on the carnal trappings that threaten every artist. It is a romantic tragedy and quest for higher understanding delivered with Southern wit, lunkhead humor, and honest self-reflection.

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