The Enthusiast by Noah Gershman

The Enthusiast by Noah Gershman


2011 | 80 pages | 5" x 8"
Two editions of 1000 | Softcover

"Noah Gershman writes entirely from inside the imagination. And what most of us have forgotten is that the imagination, despite its name, is perfectly real, as real as football… Reading these poems is like collaborating with him to reconstruct something we all vaguely remember doing before, though whether it was while we were asleep or while we were 7 remains unclear".
-Introduction by Matthew Rohrer

"In these poems it's as if each snow globe has its own society. Gershman reveals the private moments of the players in a weird history. His monsters have style. To read these poems is to imagine all new occupations. These are twisted old tales, written in 1708, but found recently and published. Step inside them and rejoice"
-Rachel Glaser, writer

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